1/25/22 · 1 minutes read

Wanguard 8.x - New UI, better hanlding on mobile devices, free SNMP Sensors and more

Below are the highlights of Wanguard 8.x changes:

  • (+) Rewritten new UI frontend. With: better scaling on High DPI monitors, new UI themes, pinch zoom for mobile devices and more
  • (+) Grid data can be emailed, or exported as CSV, HTML or XLSX (Excel 2007+)
  • (+) Free licensing for as many SNMP Sensors as the number of non-SNMP Sensors licensed
  • (+) Multiple Console servers can use a single Influxdb server as backend for storing graph data
  • (+) Support for PHP 7.4
  • (+) Updated main Sensor drivers for : DPDK 19.11, PF_RING 7.6 and Netmap 20.09
  • (-) Dropped support for: Myricom Sniffer10G

New manual avabilable via web page (in HTML) here.

For current users and customers it's recommended to upgrade their installations only when Sensor drivers can be upgraded too.

If You would like to upgrade Your installtion with ITORO help please email us at sales@itoro.com.pl.

ITORO Basic support include 2 upgrades during 12 months period without any additional cost.