9/8/19 · 1 minutes read

Recent update adds InfluxDB support and newer DPDK stack

Wanguard 7.2 brings the following new features and changes:

  • Adds support for storing graph data in InfluxDB, as an alternative to using RRD files. InfluxDB is the storage engine that we recommend for the following reasons:
    • Adding and deleting decoders for IP graphs does not reset the existing data
    • It enables High Availability setups with graph data stored on redundant, remote InfluxDB servers
    • It is much more space efficient in most configurations
    • Is compatible with our own rendering engine which generates better-looking graphs
    • It allows an easy integration with other third-party products such as Grafana
    • RRDTool support might be deprecated in the future
  • Adds support for Debian 10
  • Adds many visual improvements to the "Flat" theme
  • Adds support for DPDK 18.11.02
  • The installation scripts use by default a text-based user interface which can be disabled with the "cli" parameter
  • In Reports the Time Frame selector was moved to the right, next to the Refresh selector
  • Many other minor improvements and bugfixes

New InfluxDB - storage engine settings:

New InfluxDB - Sensor graph