1/25/22 · 2 minutes read

Wanguard 8.1 Release Notes

Below are the highlights of Wanguard 8.1 changes:

(+)Support for Console redundancy and fault tolerant setups

(+)InfluxDB is now the default graphing engine on new installations

(+)A new Hardware Offload option for filtering packets in hardware with Mellanox NICs

(+)A faster and more reliable PDF generator backend

(+)IP Zone data can be imported, exported or transferred between Consoles

(+)A new Retention Policy for InfluxDB in Configuration » Data Retention

(+)A new Preconditions Policy selector in Response actions which allows changing the way multiple preconditions are evaluated. Added a few new comparison operators for preconditions

(+)A new "prefix" data type for Conditional Parameters which can be used to verify subnet membership

(+)SNMP Sensor can import Flow Sensor interfaces automatically

(+)A new option in Graphs & Storage Configuration which can restrict the storage of any class of graphs

(+)Dashboards can be configured with a default time range

(+)Support for Debian 11.

(+)Support for PF_RING 8.0

(+)Updated Netmap to git master from November 2021

(+)Compatibility with DPDK 21.11. Compatibility with Mellanox ConnectX-4/5/6 when using DPDK. The DPDK Capture Engine requires a separate license on new installations.

(-)Removed support for Debian 7

Manual available via web page (in HTML).

Wanguard Support by ITORO

For current users and customers it's recommended to upgrade their installations only when Sensor drivers can be upgraded too.

If You would like to upgrade Your installtion with ITORO help please email us at sales@itoro.com.pl.

ITORO Basic support include 2 upgrades during 12 months period without any additional cost.