1/8/19 · 1 minutes read

Wanguard and DPDK had a huge boost in performance, due to new engine and total re-work for main detection engine.

The new features look very promising in regards to performance: 

  • Packet Filter now supports DPDK 18.11 together with all the DPDK-related features of the Packet Sensor
  • Packet Filter can now use a DPDK-enabled Packet Sensor as a Capture Engine, in order to capture and filter packets on the same interface as the Sensor
  • The DPDK Capture Engine was completely reworked and optimized for >40 Gbps / >30 Mpps DDoS detection & mitigation on a single CPU
  • The DPDK Capture Engine provides a new Distributor Mode selector which allows distributing packets to specialized CPU cores using RSS, a custom allocator or a round-robin algorithm
  • The DPDK Capture Engine provides a new Forwarding Mode selector which enables forwarding of packets in a Transparent Bridge mode, or by using IP forwarding