3/4/22 · 1 minutes read

In 2022 we are observing an increased number of attacks especially on ISP and Datacenter infrastructure. We specialize in fast 5 to 15 seconds detection and mitigation using Wanguard and port mirror setups.

Many networks have already DDoS solutions, but most of them lack crucial protection in 
< 90 seconds range - due to NetFlow collection process.
This is where port mirror or port sampling can make a huge difference. Using latest technology we can utilize Wanguard Sensors with 2 x 10/40/100 GE interfaces that can detect and perform traffic filtering in under 30 seconds.

This is incredibly important for end customers in ISP or Datacenter environment where they available  bandwidth can't accommodate higher volumes of traffic. Protection in large telcos or ISP often rely on NetFlow collection which has a delay of 90 seconds.

The 90 seconds delay is the reason that such protection is just not enough for short and burst DDoS attacks that are launched towards services and mostly gaming.

If You would like to improve You current DDoS protection, by changing or adding such fast detection - We can offer unmatched solution with Wanguard pricing.

Most of the savings comes in hardware as we utilize servers owned by You and use Wanguard software to protect Your network.